the Shemya mailbag
Volume 1, No. 1 of "The Shemya Mailbag" was printed in June of 1987. In the words of Dan Lange, Editor and chief bottle washer of The Shemya Mailbag, the newsletter "is for those people who served on Shemya and who now belong to the Shemya Veterans of W.W.II. Through these pages we can re-live the days of 40 years ago when we were put on that 2x4 mile piece of tundra to defend our country. We can talk of the good and the bad times of things that took place in a different world than the one we live in today." Dan Lange, who graciously supplied the P-38 "Little Butch" photos seen on the Shemya WWII pages, was also the crew chief of the "Little Butch," and was stationed on Shemya towards the end of WWII. Volume 8 No 3, published in September of 1994, was the last issue of The Shemya Mailbag to be published.
Dan Lange, June 1999
Dan Lange (Standing), Shemya, 1946
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