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67 Adams Edward     OK Army 1 6 1943 NO 1 12 1945 NO Adams Edward GRANDSON   06-Nov-03
140 Albert Alfred G   UNK 8th Air Force, 458th BG 16 9 1942 NO 6 5 1947 YES Albert Christopher SON   15-Mar-07
112 Allen Melvin R   UNK US Navy 1 6 1941 NO 1 12 1945 NO Allen Richard SON mailto: Mom and dad divorced right after WWII and I'm trying to obtain information on and locate my dad. 07-Feb-06
142 Allen Melvin R   UNK US Navy 1 1 1940 NO 1 1 1945 NO Allen Richard SON   19-Apr-07
151 Allen Melvin     UNK USN Atlantic & Pacific 1 1 1940 NO 1 1 1945 NO Allen Richard SON My sister and I am seeking to locate and meet our father who we never knew. 19-Oct-07
171 Amen Conrad J Jim ND Army 1 1 1943 NO 1 1 1944 NO Amen Jim SON   03-Jun-08
94 Anderson Bernard   Andy UNK 8th AF 1 1 1943 NO 8 5 1945 NO Unk Unk FRIEND Andy was a pilot of a heavy bomber, I think B-24's. He was shot down and made a POW.  After the war, he married a British woman and returned to the US.  He flew as a private pilot (commercial) for many years. Lived in San Antonio, then moved to Washington (?) 28-Dec-04
126 Anderson Ivar E Andy OK 11 Air Force 1 2 1945 NO 12 24 1945 YES Anderson Corey SON Looking for old photos for my Dad 03-Sep-06
160 andrist orville     KIA uncertain 1 12 1943 NO 1 12 1945 NO Gilbert Tom NEPHEW   11-Feb-08
170 antonio walter army none OK 877 transportation corp stevedor 24 5 1945 YES 17 12 1947 YES antonio walter WIFE would like to find out if any of my buddies are still alive 24-May-08
69 Atkins Ben M   ND 326th 10 8 1940 NO 4 4 1955 YES Self self GRANDSON   10-Nov-03
87 Baham Roy A   UNK 1584th Engineer Service Company 20 3 1946 NO 7 12 1947 NO Self Self SELF mailto:Barry7950   14-Sep-04
88 Baham Roy A   UNK 1584th Engineer Service Company 20 3 1946 NO 7 12 1947 NO Self Self SELF   14-Sep-04
159 barrett robert s   UNK merril maratas 5 7 1939 NO 4 23 1978 NO goodson ann SISTER   07-Feb-08
2 Barrick Bane     OK 344th Fighter Squadron, 343rd Fighter Group, APO 729, Seattle, WA. . 1 6 1943 Y 1 6 1945 Y SELF SELF SELF Went to USA for R&R in June 1945. Returned Aug 1945. Sent to USA for discharge Oct 1945 01-Jan-01
127 Bartovick George A   ND Signal Corp, specific unit unknown 14 3 1941 YES 30 4 1945 NO Bartovick Mark SON According to his discharge paperwork, my dad was a radar operator. He once said he had been on every island in the Aleutian chain. He started out at Kodiak and said that everytime a new unit arrived, his unit got bumped over to the next island down the chain. I have a photograph of him and 3 other men, presumably taken in Alaska or the Aleutians. I'll email a copy to anyone interested in hopes of identifying the location and the other men shown. 13-Oct-06
4 Beaton Ian     OK Post Engineer 1 11 1943 Y 1 7 1945 Y SELF SELF SELF Happy and well, living with wife in Tucson, AZ. I was an infantry trained machine gunner sent to the Aleutians as a replacement for the Kiska invasion. We were then transferred to the Dutch Harbor Post Engineer and then sent to Shemya in November, 1943. I was there when the B-29 base was built and the pier and breakwater were washed out by the great williwaw of October 1944. Hope to have my book published this year. Because my folks saved all my letters, I have the names of many buddies who served with me. UPDATE: Hey there ancient dogfaces. My new book, "They Also Serve", based on excerpts of letters I wrote to my family is now available thru Barnes and Noble, Borders,, or from the publisher, Xlibris (1-888-795-4274). Many old pals from our 25 month Aleutian "confinement" mentioned in this book 01-Jan-01
153 Berger Charles E Chuck OK 11th Air Force 404th Bomb Group 1 12 1943 NO 1 2 1946 NO Berger Wayne SON   24-Nov-07
164 Bertrand Henry R Susu KIA Army 6 1 1944 NO 24 3 1945 YES Bertrand Henry NIECE Uncle Susu was a Pfc 313 inf 79inf div 16-Apr-08
145 betz floyd e   OK 509th 2 1 1943 NO 1 1 1945 NO betz floyd GRANDSON mailto:   18-Jun-07
5 Blacklock Glenn     OK 404th Bomb Sq., 2th Bomb Group 1 9 1944 Y 1 9 1945 Y SELF SELF SELF Was a bombardier on Reynolds crew in B-24. Flew about 30 combat missions over Paramushiru and Shimishu, etc. Last plane was #63, the Whistlin (outhouse). Would like to hear from others. Now live in Albany, Oregon. (Son's e-mail). Looking for Bill Reynolds 01-Jan-01
166 blaker carl r   OK air force 1 6 1944 NO 2 5 1945 NO blaker j.allen SON mailto:   12-May-08
167 blaker carl r   OK air force 1 6 1944 NO 2 5 1945 NO blaker j.allen SON   12-May-08
41 Blantoe Wyc     ND Pacific Army 7 12 1941 NO 7 6 1945 NO Kraus Andrew OTHER   19-Mar-02
84 Blanton William H Bill OK 1857th Service Command Unit 21 5 1942 YES 13 7 1944 YES Blanton Jim SON My father shipped out of Seattle on MSTS David W Branch.  I have some pictures of him on Shemyah and Kiska and some stories. 13-Aug-04
6 Blumenthal Don     OK 23rd Serv Sq., Medic, Army Air Corp.Medic, AB Disp., 1 9 1943 N 1 4 1944 N SELF SELF SELF Wants to hear from anyone on the Rock at the time. 01-Jan-01
122 Borak Leonard     UNK 405th service squadron 13 9 1944 NO 1 1 1945 NO Borak Robert SON   23-Jun-06
86 Bost Paul     OK 5th Ranger 7 6 1944 NO 1 5 1945 NO Bost Thomas GRANDSON I know its sketch information, but that's all I got.  Paul Bost was either in the 2nd or 5th Rangers... I'm not sure which.  He went in D+1, fought under Patton's command, I believe at the Battle of the Bulge, but I'm not sure either.  No one in my family has much information on this, so anything would be great. 13-Sep-04
53 Brandl Martin A Gus OK Military Police Escort Guard 3 1 1942 NO 6 1 1945 NO Brandl William SON I am trying to find out what unit my father was in during WWII. I will then do some more research on that unit, so any information you can provide to get me started would be appreciated. I am sure there are many more of us who wished they would have asked more questions before dad died.

Thanks for your help.

William J. Brandl
Charlottesville, VA
75 Brooks William   Bill UNK infantry 12 4 1943 NO 15 4 1945 NO Brooks William GRANDSON   13-Mar-04
133 Bruttomesso Henry     ND US Army 1 1 1940 NO 1 1 1945 NO George Smith SELF trying to find information on this veteran to assist daughter in obtaining membership in the Ladies Auxiliary of the Veterans of Foreign Wars, Post 4781, Ocala, Fl 22-Jan-07
54 Bryant Milton     OK 69th division 12 1 1945 NO 28 5 1945 NO Norton Lisa GRANDDAUGHTER I need to find some record on him. I need a list of his awards during WWII. 31-Dec-02
66 Campbell Herbert M Buddy OK Army Engineering Unit 1 5 1941 NO 7 12 1945 NO Brooks Brenda DAUGHTER   05-Nov-03
116 Cave William A Bill OK US Air Corp 1 11 1944 NO 1 10 1945 NO Cook Amy COUSIN My Dad might have been on Kiska....I'm not sure. 27-Mar-06
117 Cave William A Bill OK US Air Corp 1 11 1944 NO 1 10 1945 NO Cook Amy DAUGHTER My Dad might have been on Kiska....I'm not sure. 27-Mar-06
152 chesmore leonard d lennie KIA vb137 navy 11 2 1942 YES 24 12 1943 YES self bob NEPHEW would like to find info on uncle whowas shot down on de.24,1943in pacific 27-Oct-07
173 Clasen Peirce A clase OK 32nd Air Engineering Group 1 2 1945 NO 1 10 1946 NO Clasen Steve SON My Father was the flight engineer on a B-17H(search and rescue version) named the "Searchen Virgin. Two B-17H's were on Shemya, the other was the "Angel of Mercy". He actually was on Shemya twice. For three months and again for nine. My Father is well,  living in Elgin IL and would love to hear from any of his old friends from WWII 21-Sep-08
119 colas robert r bob OK det signal corps 15 5 1944 NO 15 5 1946 NO self self SELF   11-May-06
7 Copeland Homer E   OK 11th Fighter Sq. & 64th Fighter Sq. 1 1 1946 Y 1 9 1946 Y SELF SELF SELF In charge of special equipment 01-Jan-01
132 cronin william E bill UNK Army air corp. 10 6 1943 NO 15 6 1945 NO self self SON mailto:   13-Jan-07
42 dean dorothy m   OK quartermaster - St.Louis 1 1 1942 NO 1 1 1944 NO grau philip SON   27-Apr-02
50 Dockter Elmer     KIA 383 Infantry 1 1 1944 NO 9 4 1945 NO Schauer Kermit NEPHEW mailto:   30-Nov-02
63 Dockter Elmer     KIA 383 Infantry 1 1 1944 NO 9 4 1945 NO Schauer Kermit K. NEPHEW mailto: kermit.5@zianet,com My uncle was KIA on April 9, 1945. He was in the
383 Intantry. His rank a PFC.
I would like to correspond with anyone that knew
161 Dreher Donald A   UNK Army 25 4 1943 NO 23 12 1944 NO Dreher Donald GRANDSON mailto:   17-Feb-08
8 Dubuque Jerry     ND 400 Base Hq. 1 1 1943 N 1 1 1946 N Sterling Jeanne DAUGHTER I was one of the original 9 men from the USA to arrive on Shemya as a group, under First Sergeant Goshia As a photo lab technician, I had the opportunity to obtain quite a few pictures of the men and the area. I have a picture of the original "Boozer", a little black cocker spaniel pup, stuffed inside a combat boot. We called him the "test tube" puppy because his father was on one island and his mom on Shemya. Anyone remember James Jameson, Lucky Gabler, Grady McCorkle, Harry Downen, Buck Ridge? Would like to hear from anyone, anytime. Snail Mail Address: Jerry Dubuque, Rush Square E-2
Henniker NH
104 Edwards Stephen G Steve, "TJ" OK 6987th Scty USAFSS  AAFJOG 1 6 1968 NO 1 6 1969 NO self self SELF USAFSS in 68 and 69, Penny and Boozer were still there.  Back in 1975-76 with Bendix back to the AAFJOG as a CIV.  Also ran the Bendix Smoke House, frineds/movies/booze and did I say "MOVIES". 07-Jul-05
78 Effler Lawrence J Red OK 32 Air Service Squadron, 11th Air Force 17 12 1943 YES 15 10 1945 NO Effler Lawrence SON   05-May-04
59 Egolf Herbert O   OK Engineering 3 24 1941 NO 2 12 1946 NO Egolf Egolf GRANDSON   12-Apr-03
165 Feiza Simon S Sy or Red OK 7th ID, 17th Regiment 1 4 1943 NO 1 12 1943 NO Feiza Anthony SON   17-Apr-08
168 Feiza Simon S Red or Simmy ND 7th ID, 17th Regiment 30 3 1943 YES 2 7 1944 YES Feiza Tony SON Start date from dad's recollection because Attu battle group was not officially processed into the ATO until after the battle.  Return to USA from DD-214. 21-May-08
9 Fite Lloyd E   OK 404th Bombardment Sq. 1 10 1943 Y 1 10 1944 Y Arie Pat STEPDAUGHTER Alive and well at 80! Would like contact with other 404th members. Served at Adak, 1943, then moved to Shemya the Spring of '44. Smalley (war correspondent) went on a mission with us. He worked for St. Paul Tribune. Looking for info on Niles Bradshaw (pilot), Raymond Tipton (co-pilot) both from Phoenix. Roland Powell (navigator). Ollie Marksbury (bombadier). Raymond Peters (assistant flight Engineer). Milton Jackson (radio operator). Theodore Lee (tail gunner). Sheppard (ball turret gunner). Raymond Peters (nose gunner).  Would be happy to hear from them or anyone that knew them. You can reach me at my stepdaughter's Email, and she will forward it to me. 01-Jan-01
139 flores rudy     KIA korea 1 3 1947 NO 1 3 1951 NO self self RELATIVE mailto:   11-Mar-07
10 Ford Burl     ND HQ 28th Bombardment Group (C), Air Corps, Component (AUS) 28 9 1945 Y 25 7 1945 Y Ford Rick SON I would appreciate any information , pictures etc. Blessed be those that served in the defense of our country. 01-Jan-01
123 Forman Morris     OK Crprl Air Corps:HaveNo IdeaWhat"status"aboveMeans 1 1 1942 NO 1 1 1945 NO Forman Francine Saunders DAUGHTER-IN-LAW I have a photograph of Morris Forman, veteran of Shemya, taken on his 95th birthday (08/11/06)  Mr. Forman is sitting with his "grand-doggie" a miniature American Eskimo named "Shemya."  If you send me an email address, I will send you the photograph. 11-Aug-06
11 Franchuk Alex     OK 14th Signal Service, US Army 1 5 1943 Y 1 2 1944 Y SELF SELF SELF Stationed on Shemya. cryptographic work. Interested in locating/contacting anyone else who was with the 14th Signal Service. Live in ND.  701-282-4276 01-Jan-01
12 Frese Henry K Hank OK 1st Photoflight Light 1 12 1944 Y 1 4 1946 Y Frese Lynette DAUGHTER My father is looking for some of his former friends/associates. Dan Lange, you are one of them! He is just learning how to use the computer. If you E-Mail him, please allow time for him to get back to you. Also, if he does not respond, please resubmit your messages so he can try again! Thank you! Lynette Frese 01-Jan-01
77 Fryar Donald     UNK Don't know 1 1 1951 NO 1 1 1955 NO Fryar Donald DAUGHTER mailto: Searching for my father 24-Apr-04
172 garland luther m   UNK seebees 15 9 1941 NO 15 9 1945 NO foster reatha DAUGHTER   03-Jun-08
82 Giddings Charles   chuck OK submarine 2 2 1943 NO 11 4 1945 NO Ryan Estep OTHER all I know is that he served on submarines at the start of WWII. later, I believe he flew bombers, or fighter airplanes. In korea, he flew the first jets. and in Vietnam, I guess he was in the U.S. ARMY. 07-Aug-04
105 Gildenberg Bernard D Bernie OK 11th Air Force 25 10 1945 YES 25 9 1946 YES SELF SELF SELF mailto:box 31 Tularosa,NM 88352 Where are you guys? 03-Aug-05
107 Gildenberg Bernard D Brooklyn UNK 11th Air Force 29 9 1945 YES 30 12 1945 NO Gildenberg     SELF Bernard     SELF SELF mailto:HMNBB@WAYFARER1.COM Scib or Filly,please connect 30-Aug-05
13 Gleason Sumner     OK Tower Operator 1 1 1947 Y 1 11 1947 Y Gleason Herb BROTHER What an awful place (Shemya)...ugh!!! I am living in Grand Junction, CO, enjoying the good life. Not on to computers yet, but just got a cell phone! If you'd care to write, the address is: 261 W. Fallenrock Road, Grand Junction, CO. 81503 01-Jan-01
14 Glende Leo     OK NAF Attu Navy No. 163 1 6 1943 Y 1 12 1944 Y SELF SELF SELF RET-YNC-USN. Ahoy there! Went to Attu via Shemya on board the USS Spika, Armed Guard and all, 1943. I was stationed on Attu NAF, Navy 163, Attu, Alaska, FPO SanFran, Calif. Please contact if you can. Thanks! PS: I live in Chandler, AZ 85226. 01-Jan-01
101 Glenn John T John UNK gunner 2 5 1942 NO 24 8 1942 NO SELF SELF GRANDDAUGHTER mailto:79 Poplar Lane Waverly, WV 26184 didn't know what unit or ship 12-Apr-05
60 Granado Candelario     UNK Army 15 3 1941 NO 15 3 1949 NO Granado Candelario NIECE   23-May-03
39 Green William V   UNK 101st airborne 1 1 1939 NO 1 1 1940 NO SELF SELF GRANDSON   18-Nov-01
79 Greenslit Charles L Chief OK 14th Signal Service 15 10 1944 NO 30 3 1946 NO self self SELF Wire Chief at the Nugget telephone central office 01-Jun-04
57 Gutches Theodore J Ted or Red OK USAT 349 & BSP 784 15 3 1943 NO 15 11 1945 NO SELF SELF SELF After operating LCVP on landings on Attu  and Kiska,I was assigned to BSP 784 then to ST 349,mostly stationed at Shemya and/or Attu.Was returned to stateside app Nov.1945 28-Jan-03
58 Gutierrez Ernest P   UNK iwa jima 6 4 1940 NO 1 12 1941 NO Gutierrez Julia GRANDDAUGHTER My grandfather fought on the island of Iwa Jima was in the United States Marine Corps.  Marine 3rd Division.  I really would like to find out as much info about 12-Feb-03
103 Hallock Willis F Will or Bill OK 11th Weather Squadron 19 7 1943 YES 20 5 1944 YES Groh Ruth Ann H. NIECE mailto:Ruth.Ann.Groh@Valley.Net I have letters my uncle wrote from Shemya in 1943-44.  He lived in a tent until December '43 when they got huts.  At first they did not have showers, movies or a PX. 12-Jun-05
40 Handelsman Jerome G Jerry OK Alaska Communications System, Army Signal Corps 4 4 1946 NO 15 9 1946 NO self self SELF Four man outfit, located at the high point of the island. We handled all communications; Army. Air Corps (when their system went down), civilian. Was on Adak, on the way to Shemya, when an earthquake struck the area. Big scare but no damage. Once the snow melted (no one told us to dig a drainage ditch and we flooded our quarters) the weather wasn't too bad, even balmy, shirt sleeve warm. Maybe we had a lucky summer. We lived a life of our own, little contact with the base except for meals and swapping some of our beer ration (one guy was a Mormon so we had spares) for liquor confiscated by the post office guys. Quite an experience for a 19 year old kid, especially with M/Sgt Lacey taking me at our weekly poker game. 18-Feb-02
15 Harvey Owen     ND 404th Bombardment Sq. 1 10 1944 Y 1 12 1945 Y Harvey Tim SON My Dad served with the 404th as a radioman/radar operator. He never told us much about his experiences. I have his photo scrapbook from Shemya (he had a permit to carry a camera on base). Owen later (1947) joined the Air Force and worked on missile telemetry systems (in Florida, mainly) until 1951. Would be great to hear from anybody who served with him or knew him back in WWII. 01-Jan-01
169 Hench Harold     UNK 404 1 6 1944 NO 7 8 1945 NO Self Self SON   23-May-08
16 Higgins Harry C   OK 54th Fighter Squadron 1 10 1943 Y 1 11 1943 Y SELF SELF SELF I was a P-38 pilot. 01-Jan-01
17 Highbarger Dean     ND 626th Aircraft Control and Warning Sq. 1 7 1943 Y 1 1 1947 Y Highbarger Steve SON I would like to know more about the 626th and maybe find some living vets who may have known my father. 01-Jan-01
115 Hildebrant Lavern J Jim UNK 541st Antiaircraft Artillary 15 6 1943 NO 20 2 1945 NO SELF SELF SELF   24-Mar-06
131 Hitchcock Robert N Bob OK 344 1 12 1945 NO 1 6 1947 NO Self Self SELF went from shemya to 26 mile then to elmendorf I have several fotos and first names. I am stillmaintaining Aircraft/engines  and in good health my Shop and home are in north florida 28-Dec-06
129 hodge eddie a   UNK us army 11 6 1943 NO 11 12 1947 NO marshall clarence GRANDSON   31-Oct-06
51 Howell James L Roy UNK Quartermaster Detachment Alaskan Dept 17 3 1945 YES 23 3 1946 YES Howell James SON   02-Dec-02
92 Huffer Marvin E Grandpa OK 73rd Divsion 24 6 1943 NO 28 12 1945 NO Amos Lacie GRANDDAUGHTER   12-Nov-04
18 Inman Edwin     OK Navy Air Sq., VPB 120, Plane #59809 1 1 1944 N 12 31 1945 N Inman Ron SON Alive and well! Served with VPB 120, Radioman with CMDR McClain on Plane #59809. Living in Fort Myers, Florida. Finally someplace warm! (Ron: I'm registering for my Dad, who, at 75, does believe the Internet can enrich his life. He actually served with Robert Stack, the actor!) 01-Jan-01
158 Ireland Felix     OK Company L, 3rd Battalion, 37th Infantry Regt. 1 6 1943 NO 31 12 1943 YES SELF SELF SELF In 1947 I legally changed my name to: Felix Ireland Belmont.
I was in Company L,3rd Battalion, 37th Inf. Regt.,but most of my tour on Shemya was as Executive Officer of the Provisional Truck Company,which transported all material landed from ships and barges.
89 jackson joseph a   OK Co B 20th Infantry 6th Division 1 11 1940 YES 1 9 1945 YES jackson john SON mailto:   05-Oct-04
102 Jenkins William J Bill OK Navy 1 1 1940 NO 1 1 1945 NO SELF SELF GRANDSON mailto:   01-Jun-05
83 Jimenez Jr Antonio     UNK Navy 1 6 1942 NO 1 6 1945 NO JIMENEZ pAUL SON I am intertered in my father's service records and to get replacrment metals.
148 Johnson Howard J Bud OK VPB-120 Fleet Airwing 4 15 12 1944 NO 15 1 1946 NO SELF SELF SELF   21-Aug-07
137 Johnson William E Bill OK 1740 Ordinance Group, 11th Air Force 1 1 1944 NO 1 1 1946 NO Johnson David SON Would like to hear from anyone that knew my father and was stationed on Shemya or Umnak from 1944-1946. 08-Mar-07
143 Keen Joseph D JD UNK 1010-2? 4 10 1944 NO 12 4 1949 NO Milem Lisa Keen GRANDDAUGHTER I have a great unit picture dated 10-4-1944 with a #2 and 1010 on the bottom.  Idon't know if this was a Aleu.Island picture or not.  I'm searching for any info on his time at Aleutians would be greatly  treasured. 25-Apr-07
124 King Charles nmi Charlie or June ND 18th Engineers, Co F 3 3 1943 NO 21 11 1944 NO King Charles SON mailto: Dad (Tec V Charlie King) was also on Attu and possibly other of the islands (Kiska, Adak?) and saw some of the others from troop ships.  His duty had been mostly in the construction of the AlCan Highway.  Total time in Canada, Alaska and The Aleutians was twenty-two months.  As noted on his DD214, his specialty was refrigeration which was likely the origin of many a har-har-har.  In actuality he ended up working mostly as a D-8 "cat skinner" and heavy equipment operator.  Some of his good buddie's names were Bob Porter, Bill Duncan, Stanwood Murphy and Ernie Tolvo.

csk - 8-15-06
38 Knight Walter H.   OK 400 Base Hq. 3 6 1943 NO 12 4 1945 NO self self SELF Spent time on Attu and Shemya, '43-'45 25-Aug-01
61 koonz John     OK PC 1083 1 1 1942 NO 1 1 1946 NO self self GRANDSON   05-Jun-03
91 Koppen Robert B Bob OK 626th Aircraft Control & Warning 20 1 1946 NO 6 11 1946 NO SELF SELF OTHER   09-Nov-04
138 Koppen Robert B Bob OK 713th Signal ACW 1 3 1946 NO 15 11 1946 NO Self Self SELF   09-Mar-07
19 Korpanty Dick     OK 404th Bomb Sq., 28 Bomb Grp. Composite 1 11 1944 Y 1 8 1945 Y Korpanty Eric SON Pilot (AC) B24 bombing Kurile Islands, Japan. (See "Shemya Mailbag" for stories.) 01-Jan-01
174 Kristensen Norman C   KIA Army 1 12 1943 NO 7 12 1945 NO Anderson Karen NIECE mailto: He was killed in Action in the Phillipines on either December 7, 1944 or December 7, 1945 28-Oct-08
113 Kuebler Robert H bob/keeb ND 404 Bombardment 15 1 1945 NO 15 8 1946 NO KUEBLER Robert SON My dad talked about the place throughout his life and i thought i might find someone who may of known him.I'm just trying to learn more about my dad.Spent time at rifle range and was a good shot.Only flew a few missions but used to help loading bombs.Easy going guy!! 14-Mar-06
111 kutch  jr. michael     OK 32nd air service squdron 14 6 1943 YES 19 10 1945 YES kutch michael  wayne SON   16-Jan-06
20 Lange Dan     OK 11th Fighter Sq. 1 1 1946 Y 1 11 1946 Y SELF SELF SELF Crew Chief, P-38 "Little Butch," #121, Pilot Lt. Preble and Maj. Shivers. USS David Branch to Attu, then bsp to Shemya, bsp back to Attu, then the USS Henry sailing to Seattle. Editor, Shemya Mailbag 1987-1994 01-Jan-01
130 Leritz Joeseph     UNK Army 1 1 1942 NO 1 1 1946 NO Leritz Daniel GRANDSON mailto: My Grandfather was corprol and a german transelator/interprtor. That's all I know. he passed away abck in 1985 wen I was 6. 09-Dec-06
141 Lung Alfred   Al UNK 159 1 6 1942 NO 1 6 1945 NO Juntunen Charles NEPHEW   30-Mar-07
21 MacPherson Gordon     ND "Casual Co. #75" and "Dept. 1018 Signal Co." on some censored letters. 1 5 1945 Y 1 12 1945 Y MacPherson Brad SON My father passed away in 1970. Looking through some old photos, I found some of the Quonset huts on Shemya. He was helping to discharge the men with "points" and they moved them out fast after it was over. Story about storing beer in a barrel to keep it cold but had to put oil on it to keep the skeeters at bay. Made the beer taste bad. Would like to hear from anyone that remembers my dad. 01-Jan-01
162 markow joseph     KIA 82nd airborne 4 4 1942 NO 3 1 1945 NO kunz linda COUSIN   19-Feb-08
22 Marksbury Jeff     ND 404th Bomb Sq. 1 1 1943 N 1 1 1945 N Marksburry Mr. SON   01-Jan-01
156 matheny Marvin     UNK unknown 1 1 1945 NO 1 1 1945 NO Derringer Pat COUSIN Need to locate burial location for my 87 yr old monther, who is his 1st cousin 22-Dec-07
121 Mayton Anthony E   UNK 4th Infantry 1 1 1942 NO 1 1 1945 NO SELF SELF SELF Not sure of 4th infantry 01-Jun-06
110 mcyntire perry     UNK army 22 9 1943 NO 7 7 1945 NO napier jon GRANDSON i'd just like to know some more about my grandfather's time in europe.

52 metz Ken     OK eisenhower 1 1 1944 NO 1 1 1946 NO metz andrew GRANDSON His brother was Raymond Metz who was a sailor any and all info on both or either would be appreciated
163 Miller Frank L   ND combat engineers 1 5 1943 NO 4 8 1945 NO Miller James SON He was in the combat engineers infantry division. I am not sure exactly where he was during the Aleutian battle.
I would like to see if possible, any pictures you may have, or other records of his activities.
114 miller homer     OK 82nd 1 9 1941 NO 9 9 1945 NO Miller Homer NEPHEW   20-Mar-06
55 Miller Robert W Bob OK PATSU 8-44 15 5 1945 NO 15 12 1945 NO Self Self SELF   13-Jan-03
80 MOLER CHARLES G CHUCK ND AAF 12 3 1944 NO 12 3 1945 NO MOLER JEFF SON I am currently waiting on my father's records from the National Archive (If any exist). I have a few documents but they are confusing. His discharge certificate says that his date of enlistment was 20 Nov 1945 and that Shemya was his place of entry. However most of the photos that he took in Alaska were in 1944(?). Also under "Prior Service" on his discharge it states U.S. Army 1yr 8mos 16 days (?). I believe Charles was in the Army Signal Corps, and was from Bakerton, West Virginia. My father died in 1994 and would not discuss any of his army service with me. Any information about him or his unit would be appreciated.
Jeff Moler
108 Mommens August W   OK Chaplain's Assistant 25 12 1944 YES 25 11 1945 NO Franzen Eric SON-IN-LAW My father in law was a Lutheran chaplain's assistant. He was from Tecumseh, Nebraska. 06-Sep-05
23 Morrison, Jr. Willie J   UNK U.S.Army, Shemya 1 1 1945 N 1 1 1945 N Rhodes, Jr. Ron FRIEND I was stationed on Shemya from Feb 1989 to Feb 1990, and came across the name of Willie J. Morrison, Jr. I am trying to find any information regarding Mr. Morrison. It's very important to me and greatly appreciated. Thank you! 01-Jan-01
109 Newbury Randall B Blue ND Myasis Dragon 5 5 1946 NO 5 12 1946 NO Newbury Randall SON I am excited to see this site as I vividly recall my father's Shemya scrapbook 05-Nov-05
45 Nielsen Harley J Butch OK Military Police 1 3 1946 NO 5 6 1946 NO Self Self SELF   03-Sep-02
73 northcott william     UNK marine 4 4 1943 NO 4 4 1946 NO william northcott SON   03-Mar-04
24 Odom James W   OK AAC, 11th Air, 343rd Group/344th Fighter Sq. 1 1 1943 N 1 1 1945 N Peters Ellen Odom DAUGHTER I am the daughter of James W. Odom and am so happy I finally found a website for Shemya. My father speaks of his experiences often during WWII. He will be 80, June 9th, 2001 and I would appreciate it if you knew him or even if you didn't that maybe you could contact him by his birthday. I can't think of anything that would please him more. His home address is 304 Woodland Dr., Fuquay Varina, NC 27526. 01-Jan-01
99 Ogden Ronald L   OK 11th Air Force 31 1 1943 YES 1 6 1945 YES Ogden Mark SON mailto: Radio Operator/Air Traffic Control/AACS 28-Mar-05
25 O'Neal Walter     OK APO 729, Quartermaster Core 1 12 1944 Y 1 4 1946 Y Robinson Craig GRANDSON   01-Jan-01
93 otto Harold     OK USS Hawkins 1 2 1945 NO 30 1 1946 NO Otto David NEPHEW mailto:   09-Dec-04
81 Parker Philip     ND army 1 1 1944 NO 1 1 1946 NO Parker Philip SON   07-Jul-04
74 Petrellese Dominick     OK infantry 4 3 1942 NO 5 9 1946 NO Petrellese Dominick GRANDSON mailto:   08-Mar-04
43 psota jerry     OK bomb disposal? 12 7 1941 NO 12 7 1946 NO chase brian SON-IN-LAW Jerry was  a World War II Army veteran, having served in the battles and campaigns of Ryukyus (Okinawa) , Sicily, Naples Foggia, Normandy, Northern France and the Southern Philippines. He was the recipient of the Good Conduct Medal, European African Middle Eastern Theater Campaign Ribbon, Asiatic Pacific Theater Campaign Ribbon and the Philippine Liberation Ribbon with one bronze service star. 17-Jul-02
146 pyne gerald j   UNK unknown 16 4 1945 NO 2 2 1949 NO Rinaldo Niki GRANDDAUGHTER   23-Jun-07
95 Quagliano Michael     OK Army 10 5 1940 NO 6 22 1945 NO SELF SELF OTHER   30-Dec-04
44 Reutebuch Gerald   Jerry UNK He shot a bazooka 1 8 1945 NO 1 8 1946 NO reutebuch rick GRANDSON Grandpa had a purple heart and went home from the war. 20-Jul-02
134 richardson vernon e rich OK 404 th 1 1 1945 NO 31 12 1945 NO richardson charles SON   22-Jan-07
155 rickey benjamin j rick OK 9thairbasegroup 15 15 1942 NO 15 15 1945 NO rickey steven SON   07-Dec-07
72 Roberts Levelle     OK 24th Cavalry 4th Division Tank Battalion 1 1 1944 NO 1 12 1946 NO Beavers Brandi GRANDDAUGHTER He is still living and looking for others still living that he served with. Please contact - he served  a lot around the Rhine River, Singleton, etc. 19-Feb-04
106 Rodgers Eltie B Sid ND 643 Engineers 1 15 1944 NO 6 6 1945 NO Rodgers Eltie SON Like to know if my Dad was at Anzio.

Thanks, James
76 Romer William   Bill UNK 8th Armored Division 5 5 1941 NO 9 10 1947 NO Romer Eric GRANDSON   08-Apr-04
46 Rowe Ralph E Bud OK US Army Postal Service - APO729 1 12 1943 YES 1 4 1945 YES SELF SELF SELF   02-Nov-02
47 Rowe Ralph E Bud OK US Army Postal Service - APO729 1 12 1943 YES 1 4 1945 YES SELF SELF SELF   02-Nov-02
35 RUMBLE EMORY ? none KIA 7th div 17 regt. co.c 11 5 1943 YES 21 5 1943 YES RUMBLE TOM NEPHEW   26-Jul-01
97 Salzman William A Bill OK 28th Composite Group 15 10 1944 NO 15 10 1945 NO Salzman John SON   15-Jan-05
26 Shaw John     OK 11th Weather Sq. 1 7 1943 Y 1 7 1944 Y SELF SELF SELF   01-Jan-01
147 Skipper Carl H   KIA unknown 1 1 1942 NO 1 1 1943 NO Dockum Janet GRANDDAUGHTER   12-Jul-07
98 smith joe     OK maine 32 1 1940 NO 4 3 1940 NO self self OTHER mailto:   07-Mar-05
70 Smith William R Buzz KIA Corpus Christi Fighter PILOT 1 1 1942 NO 1 6 1942 NO Smith cHARMAINE NIECE This is one uncle , the only uncle, I have that died at Corpus Christi as a jet pilot. 12-Nov-03
27 Sorensen Donald     ND 877th Port Company 1 1 1943 N 1 1 1945 N Sorensen Robert GRANDSON My grandfather served at Shemya with the 877th Port Company. I am looking for anyone who knew him. I have several photos of his time at Shemya. 01-Jan-01
62 SPARKS KENNETH N   UNK b-24 heavy bomber 23 4 1943 YES 6 1 1946 YES SELF SELF SELF was a radio oper on b-24  flew 30 missions. 19-Jun-03
85 SPARKS KENNETH N   OK 404 heavy bomb gp. 4 23 1943 YES 1 6 1946 YES SELF SELF SELF   18-Aug-04
48 SPILLSON GEORGE J GEREEK OK 344TH FIGHTER SQUADRON01 1 11 1945 YES 1 6 1946 YES SELF SELF SISTER Took training at Amarillo aafb,Mountain Home,
B-17 & B29 Aircraft mechanic.Shipped to Shemya
on board the David W. Branch around November.
Worked in headquarters of 344th fighter sqdrn.
Age then was 21yrs. Rank corp. Discharged June
49 SPILLSON GEORGE J GREEK OK 344TH FIGHTER SQUADRON10 10 11 1945 NO 1 5 1946 NO SELF SELF SELF B-17 mechanic training at Amarillo AAF. B-29
training at Mountain Home Idaho.  Worked at base
Hdqtrs 344th fighter.Pilots I knew,Lt. Castro De
Leon. Lt. Duff,Lt. Whelan.Buddies,John Novak,
Frank Brown (Bangor Penn.) Ed Simenis.
28 Spinks Aaron     OK Station Hospital 1 1 1942 N 1 1 1945 N Lindsey Jerry GRANDSON Looking for those who were part of starting the Aleutian Seminary. Directed by Chaplain Halsall during war time. He later became the first pastor of the First Southern Baptist Church in Alaska located at Anchorage. (Webmaster's Note: go to the Shemya Construction link (Shemya Home Page), and the Seminary Article. When you bring up the document (PDF format), go to page 71) 01-Jan-01
157 Stocking Milan A Sox ND 107th Calvary Band 1 1 1943 NO 31 12 1944 NO Stocking David SON My Dad served on Shemya during WWII with the 107th Calvary Band, Ohio National Guard. 18-Jan-08
149 Stonaker Daniel D Stoney UNK not sure 3 2 1940 NO 3 2 1942 NO LaPoma Leonard NEPHEW last 4 of social is: 6623 06-Oct-07
144 Tenpas Weldon B   OK 344 1 1 1945 NO 1 1 1947 NO tenpas tanner GRANDSON   16-May-07
29 Tesdall Robert     OK 344th Fighter Sq. 1 1 1946 N 1 1 1946 N SELF SELF SELF Very interesting, hadn't thought about the Island in a long time. Had some long nights up there, but some good times with a bunch of good buddies! 01-Jan-01
68 Thomas Allen J   OK submarine 28 2 1945 NO 1 3 1945 NO Smith Soren GRANDSON Not sure of much information, was commissioned on submarine in south pacific in 1945 07-Nov-03
150 Thomas Samuel Lt   OK Motorized Division 3 5 1943 YES 26 5 1943 NO Thomas Samuel NIECE Wounded by sniper's bullet - received Silver Star and Purple Heart 17-Oct-07
100 Thompson Edmund B   UNK Army 1 1 1942 NO 1 1 1945 NO Thompson Edmund FRIEND   29-Mar-05
64 Vagi Louis D Dave UNK 404th Bomb Sq, Shemya, Alaska 1 10 1946 NO 11 2 1947 YES Vagi Julius BROTHER   31-Aug-03
120 viles charles r   OK b17 1 4 1939 NO 1 4 1939 NO viles charles GRANDSON mailto:   28-May-06
56 vogl joe     OK 10th Mountain Division 1 1 1945 NO 1 1 1949 NO brown marco FRIEND   13-Jan-03
37 ward hurshel   doog ND infantry 7 7 1942 NO 15 10 1944 NO self self SELF   12-Aug-01
136 watkins oris j   OK 404th bshvy 28 12 1944 NO 10 11 1945 NO self self SELF pilot-b24-25missionsto kuriel islands.  now living in  ok city area. 19-Feb-07
30 Watson Bruce R   OK 633rd Air Materiel Squadron 1 1 1946 N 1 1 1947 N SELF SELF SELF We were known as "Air Force Supply" by others on the island. Responsible for several warehouses where we received, stored and distributed materiel and supplies for the entire island. I was a twenty year old Buck Sergeant in charge of the squadron carpenter shop. Great fun! 01-Jan-01
71 Weaver Oris F   UNK 101st air born 10 2 1940 NO 10 2 1944 YES Milburn John GRANDSON i am trying to find a copy of my grand fathers dd 214 17-Feb-04
65 Wenskovitch Robert C Bobby ND 8th Air Force 491st BG 852nd BS Crew #R27 5 9 1943 NO 4 4 1945 YES Graham Barbie DAUGHTER Shot down over Germany and returned to his unit via the underground movement. Received Bronze Star for heroic effort in shooting down six of ten enemy fighters attacking his unit. He was shot in the leg but his unit landed safely. 22-Oct-03
125 White David C Whitey or Churchy OK 104th Training Co., HCTR and 195 QM Co. 1 11 1942 NO 6 14 1945 NO White-Bittner Patricia DAUGHTER mailto: Technical Sargeant
T5 Cargo Checker
T/SGT Small Boat Operator-Operated diesel powered barges carrying cargo between islands.
Serial No. 32 074 636
31 Willson Preston     OK 1st Btn., 18th Engineers (C) Regt. 30 5 1943 Y 1 12 1944 Y SELF SELF SELF After 9 months of building Alcan Highway, Whitehorse to near Alaska border, a couple months on Kodiak, a couple on Adak, a couple days on Attu during the battle, I landed by small boat off a LST on Shemya. Was greeted by an advance party that had spent the night there. Our regiment then proceeded to clear a landing strip and lay mat on it. We had planes on the island in a few days. It was 32 months from the time we left Seattle to our return...nearly all the time at areas of no towns. Would like to hear from other members of the 18th. 01-Jan-01
128 Wilson Clyde E   UNK Army 1 1 1942 NO 1 1 1943 NO LeMarr Irene DAUGHTER I am not sure my Dad was in the Aleutian Islands during WWII but was told recently that he was there. 14-Oct-06
154 Zynda Edmund P   ND Air Force 1 6 1943 NO 1 6 1944 NO Zynda II Edmund SON Flew C-47's and B-25's 30-Nov-07